Jardin Royal Garden, Orleans, Ontario

First and foremost, Jardin Royal Garden is a family business, meaning ongoing quality care for the residents has always been a priority. The objective is a facility and program geared at seniors who are retired and active, a picturesque property situated right next to nature and parklands along the Bilberry Creek in Orleans, outside of Ottawa. Suites come in different types and sizes, and can be customized to suit the lifestyle of choice, with a high level of comfort being the underlying theme. A state-of-the-art response and safety system is another staple, for peace of mind. Promoting an active lifestyle, with a full calendar of social activities and special events, surrounded by nature, is at their core. Flexible meal plans, all home-cooked, with a focus on nutritious eating, is another strong point, and residents have the option of booking their own private dining room if the occasion arises. Nursing services are around the clock, but all medical services are built around maintaining one’s independence.

Jardin Royal Garden